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Student Ambassador Programme

The Female Lead Society Student Ambassador Programme encourages girls to take the lead in their lives and careers. Through this free one-year opportunity, we offer a select number of students the chance to make a real impact alongside us while developing a range of valuable skills.

What Our Students Do

Test and Develop
They are the first to try out our lesson plans and activities. For example, our students might lead a workshop about Gender Equality in school using our interactive modules, then provide feedback on what worked well and what could be improved.


Promote and Recruit
They spread the word about our society by organising events or assemblies at school, and recruit new members to build a strong and vibrant community.


Engage and Network
They participate in events like our annual Inspiring Careers event, where they have the opportunity to meet and learn from successful women across various industries.

Skills Our Students Gain

Confidence and Self-belief

Through activities such as public speaking workshops and peer presentations, students learn to articulate their thoughts and ideas confidently in front of an audience.


Communication Skills

Enhance students ability to discuss and debate by participating in structured debate sessions on topics like the future of the labour market and gendered language.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to practice public speaking by presenting ideas during school assemblies or society meetings.


Influencing and Negotiation

Students develop skills in persuasion and negotiation through role-playing scenarios where they advocate for school policy changes or negotiate responsibilities with their peers on a group project.


Leadership Skills

Students are encouraged to lead all of the workshops and activities we provide. They will also explore their personal and professional aspirations with encouragement from peers, helping to set and achieve goals.


Time Management

Students balance regular feedback sessions, society meetings, and activities with their studies. For instance, they might manage their time to complete a survey about their career goals while also preparing lessons and attending extracurricular activities.


Data and Information Analysis

Students use critical thinking to interpret data and analyse research. For example, they might examine statistics on gender representation in various careers and discuss findings with their peers.



Through the programme, students collaborate with peers, teachers, and the wider school community. They might work on a group project to create an awareness campaign about female role models in school, with each member taking on a specific role such as researcher, designer, or spokesperson.

Student Ambassador Badges

Students who hold a programme completion badge are confirmed to have completed a full academic year tenureship as a Student Ambassador for The Female Lead Society. For references or more information please email

How to Get Involved

We partner with a select number of Ambassador Schools, and aim to represent students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Our Ambassador Schools actively engage with us, dedicating time and effort to implement the programme within their institutions. The result? Their students gain invaluable skills, confidence, and connections, empowering them to lead in their lives and future careers.

If you’d like to walk alongside us as an Ambassador School, apply now by contacting

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