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We Make Amazing Things Happen

We know amazing things happen when girls see positive role models, so every year we provide plenty of opportunities for students in a Female Lead Society to do just that. From meeting members of parliament and world leaders through to film stars and influencers, our students get access to events and opportunities that leave a lasting impression on their self-belief and future career goals.

More From Our Schools Community

Female Lead Student Ambassador

Last week, the school’s Female Lead Ambassadors got the opportunity to go to the new DIVA exhibition at the V&A. This was a very fun and creative way to explore feminism from a more cultural perspective, exposing the power that the creative industries have in redefining women’s roles in society.

St Paul's School
Female Lead Student Ambassador

Generally there was a real sense of trying to interact and engage with the students and I really like that. I think for any group of young people, saying ‘your opinion matters’ is really important.

Hurlingham Academy
Female Lead School Teacher

We were very pleased to receive these invitations to the premiere of a film that so rightly celebrates ‘girl power’ and is full of positive female role models. We are fortunate that our girls at The Hurlingham Academy have strong role models in the school but it is lovely to be able to send some of them to something like this as a celebration of their hard work.

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