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Celebrating 18,000 Female Lead books reaching schools and universities in the UK and US

We are so pleased to announce that we have now donated 18,000 Female Lead books to schools, colleges and universities in the UK and USA. Students, teachers and parents have been sharing their reactions with us - see below!

“The Female Lead has taught me to focus more on my passions as a career, to understand that failure is part of life, as well as accepting that my future career may be completely different to what I imagine now. For young girls especially this book just highlights that any career, no matter your circumstances, can be achieved. It encourages them to aim higher.” Emma, University Student, UK

Edwina Dunn, The Female Lead founder

“I set about creating The Female Lead book in 2014, with the aim of fostering ambition and self-belief in young women. We are delighted to have donated 18,000 books and teaching resources to schools in the UK and USA. The sheer breadth and diversity of personal stories showcased in The Female Lead demonstrates that ambition looks and feels very different for different people. We hope our book, teaching resources and societies will continue to inspire girls to think more positively about their future.”

Ian Keary, Headteacher at The Tiffin Girls’ School

“The Female Lead continues to influence how the school inspires and motivates the students to be the very best version of themselves. The programme was shared with all students and parents at the start of the year, highlighting the importance of being courageous, taking risks, developing resilience and embracing independence. The fact that we can immediately reference relevant stories from inspirational role models for the students, ensures it has a far greater impact.’

The Female Lead Society In September, we launched a free female leadership programme in hundreds of schools in the UK. The programme allows girls to discuss the stories of inspiring women, whilst exploring larger issues to which these stories connect – gender equality, ambition, gender stereotypes and lots more.

Our aim is to inspire so that more girls find success and fulfilment in their own lives. We truly believe you can’t be what you can’t see. Most of all, we encourage girls to lead conversations and be their own career champion.

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