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Disney Princess and The Female Lead team up to boost confidence in kids

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Inspiring confidence in heroes of the future

This autumn The Female Lead will be taking a new direction and connecting with primary school children, because it is never too early for children to learn all that they can become. “You can’t be what you can’t see” has always been central to our campaign and this new move speaks to the heart of that mission.

Kicking off our outreach into this age group is a very special partnership with Disney Princess and its Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine initiative – a new role model-led movement that aims to inspire and grow the confidence of young children as they prepare to start school, and the early years that follow.

New research suggests 72% of young children are worried about starting school, with over half of parents also sharing this anxiety. The nationwide research commissioned by Disney, surveyed over 1,000 parents, carers and guardians and revealed that three-quarters of parents are looking for tips to help build their children’s confidence, and 65% are seeking role models for their children - whether this be other young people, female leaders or Disney princesses.

(FlyResearch conducted the study of 1,000 parents of children aged 3-6 years old in the UK, in August 2022)

Parenting Expert, Sue Atkins, who helped co-develop the research said: “It’s clear that children are experiencing a crisis in confidence, and our ambition is to help navigate this in those at the start of the early years of education, offering the tools needed to tackle the issue from the get-go. Given children are inspired by trusted role models and stories of kindness and bravery, I hope this campaign will help them as they enter what can be an overwhelming stage of life.”

To address these concerns around confidence The Female Lead and Disney Princess have created a series of rousing pep talk videos and self-affirmation mantras available now on Disney Junior YouTube and @DisneyFamilyUK featuring the stories of Disney’s trusted Princess characters.

Real life role models are supporting the campaign, including England Lioness, Leah Williamson, who recently captained England to Euros 2022 victory, making history by leading the first English football team, male or female, to win the European Championships. Leah was also named the most inspirational role model for kids, by parents in the recent research.

Leah Williamson, said: “I’m so excited to join The Female Lead and support its efforts to build confidence amongst kids alongside Disney Princess - a space which really needs our attention right now. Confidence and bravery are at the heart of all Disney Princess stories – so what better way to inspire children than through practising self-belief and perseverance, they can be anything they want to be!”

The Princess Pep Talks, available on Disney Junior YouTube, are hosted and narrated by The Female Lead’s newest and youngest role models yet - YouTubers, authors and kid-trepreneurs Kirsten (14) and Aiyven (13) Mbawa of Northampton. Kirsten and Aiyven join The Female Lead family, after catching our attention as pioneers in their field, educating and empowering children with their stories and enterprise. The sisters shot to fame as published novelists, and run Happier Every Chapter, a monthly book subscription service they crowdfunded on Kickstarter to promote literacy and diversity for children.

This October, as the new school year commences, The Female Lead will be taking Disney Princess inspired educational resources into schools across the UK, helping children to find confidence and inspiration through their favourite characters.

Edwina Dunn, Founder of The Female Lead, said: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Leah, Kirsten and Aiyven into our cohort of inspiring women. Teaming up with Disney Princess has allowed us to extend our efforts to lift others up in the pre-school and early years space – and we cannot wait to see the response.”

Become a Female Lead School and inspire your women of the future.

Join the Female Lead’s network of schools who are committed to inspiring children to take the lead in their own lives through empowering educational resources.

By showing children early on the many opportunities open to them, we can help them to participate fully in all of the subjects and activities where they can shine and understand that there should be no barriers.

Why join?

We want to help children to see all the possibilities ahead of them, to show less conventional stories of remarkable women who have found success and fulfilment!

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Designed to illustrate the Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine, the visual features role models Leah Williamson, Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa and Disney Princesses.

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