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Dear Mrs. President

A Message from Ana Maria Medici, Author of Dear Mrs. President

Powerful women start with confident girls. As a former Pre-Kindergarten teacher, I observed firsthand the positive impact books have in a child’s life. Books bring excitement, a curious sense of wonder, and teach fundamental lessons in literacy, language development and comprehension.

Why not then, give our children books that inspire and let them dream bigger than what is? Our first female VP in The White House is something to be recognized as progress in leadership roles for women, however, there is still so much work that needs to be done.

I want kids to read books that demonstrate to them that intelligent, capable, and powerful women are leaders in our world, too. Thus, was my motivation behind writing Dear Mrs. President, a children's book aimed at ages 3-7 years, which tells the story of our first female President.

When our girls read books that empower, they are able to carry themselves with their heads held high, and wear their confidence like a crown. As they develop and grow, they will know, there is no ambition too high, and no goal too large.

What's the book about?

The book is about the first female President of The United States. It's written from the perspective of a child’s letter, and shares all the hope, inspiration, and encouragement gained, by having a woman as President. The book is a tribute to female leaders everywhere, and encourages kids to reach further and dream bigger.

Who should read it?

Kids, ages 3-7 years.

Who are some of your favourite female leaders and why?

Vice President Kamala Harris, for her service and ambition, and for being the first female VP in The White House.

Gloria Steinem, for the feminist movement she helped create and her lifelong advocacy for the rights of women. Something we all directly benefit from, to this day.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who serves as a role model, for her constant compassion, intelligence, and leadership.

With no ambition too high and no goal too large, Dear Mrs. President reminds kids to reach further, and dream greater.

Available on International Day of the Woman, 3/8/21

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