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Myths Vs Reality: Engineering Edition!

an engineers fix everything? Do you have to be a genius to become an engineer? Are all engineers boring white guys? Watch the short inspirational film from Mimi Isabella Nwosu below!

Mimi's advice to individuals wanting to join the industry:

● Do your research (degree, apprenticeship, degree apprenticeship) ● Know your industry (current affairs, new technology) ● Expand your network (LinkedIn, networking events) ● Grasp all opportunities – Also create your opportunities, a wise person once said to me “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. ● Set goals, however, don’t be too hard on yourself. ● Gain experience within your field (a year in industry, internships, work experience) ● Attend external conferences and lecturers on topics that interest you ● Keep your CV and cover letter updated (all experiences are valid) ● Be bold, be brave! ● It is ok to fail; failure could be the start of a new adventure

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