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Ahead of International Women’s Day we invite you to join the celebration by nominating an amazing woman in your life. Whether it’s your mum, your boss, your best friend or someone you’ve never met, if they inspire you we want to know.

What to do:

1.Save a copy of our illustration above 2.Post the image, tagging The Female Lead (our social channels below) and the woman you nominate! 3.Use the hashtag #WeRiseByLiftingOthers

Our social channels: Twitter: @the_female_lead Instagram: @the_female_lead Facebook: @thefemalelead LinkedIn: @thefemalelead

More info

We’ve teamed up with the amazing illustrator Maria Filar to highlight the power of lifting others! From Malala Youfsazai and her courageous fight for girls’ education to Serena Williams and her battle for equal pay in sport. “The day I stop fighting for equality...will be the day I’m in my grave.” It’s time to celebrate the women who’ve gone before us, who stand beside us and who will come after us. We honour their voices, their unique strength and the challenges they’ve faced.

As we look to the future, it’s more important than ever to think bigger, beyond our personal agendas and ambitions. We must acknowledge that we will go further and grow stronger together when we give up comparing and competing and choose to pull each other up. Today you can nominate a woman who inspires you but we also encourage you to take the support one step further. Whether making an introduction, sharing a useful resource, posting a recommendation on LinkedIn or sharing a few words of praise in the presence of a decision-maker. When women celebrate one another’s accomplishments, we’re all lifted up. #WeRiseByLiftingOthers

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